Prince seduces with new song HARDROCKLOVER

Romance ain’t complicated. Sometimes, it’s the simple things that work best, like a well-timed guitar lick and leaving your cell phone in the other room.

If Prince‘s sexy new tune “HARDROCKLOVER,” released directly to his fans, doesn’t get somebody’s motor runnin’, there’s no hope for society … or at least, seduction. It’s a welcome jam that takes a few subtle shots at party culture, being plugged in, and even hip-hop.

And why shouldn’t he? Barring any cataclysmic “party over, oops, out of time” scenarios, the one constant in the universe will be Prince making new music and teachin’ these kids today how to get down with the get down.

“Ain’t no rapper trying to be a singer/ Come on, make a move … R&B ain’t got no place/ But put some hard rock on, you’d better cover your ears/ ‘Cause you’re about to hear a woman just scream.”

Prince’s creative run has always happened at a blistering pace, but now freed from the trappings of a machine that demands a step-and-release of single-album-single-tour, he’s been dropping tracks with 3rdEyeGirl as he sees fit.

This seduction jam follows his inspirational anthem “Baltimore,” recorded in the wake of Freddie Gray’s death and the subsequent riots in the Maryland city. “Does anybody hear us pray? / For Michael Brown or Freddie Gray,” Prince sings on the track. “Peace is more than the absence of war.”

Prince’s Hit and Run tour continues. If you haven’t heard, the band announces shows sometimes as little as hours before the gig!

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