On the Record: Madonna

In this edition of Soundwaves: On the Record, we highlight not one, but two interviews with Madonna from 1984.

Why two? Because while these interviews are from the same time period, they are two distinctly different sides of the Madonna Machine.

The first interview is a short spotlight piece from the UK pop music show “Ear Say,” showing Madonna walking the streets of New York, talking about what a bad girl she was growing up, basically her “in character.”

The second interview aired on MTV the same year, while she was in the midst of filming “Desperately Seeking Susan.” We see a much more businesslike, serious Madonna where she’s talking about both her music and her burgeoning movie career.

Bonus Points: Madonna gets the “Biggest Balls in the Room Award” for saying that feminist female performers who chide her for the sexuality she exudes in her performances are just jealous.

Pure Madonna.

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