Now Parents Can Listen to Taylor Swift’s 1989 and Seem Cool

A few weeks back Ryan (not Bryan!) Adams posted some video clips on his Instagram of what appeared to be him doing covers of Taylor Swift songs straight-faced. That in and of itself is kind of weird but weirder still is, they sounded pretty damned good. No sooner had hipsters collectively given this the thumbs up than Swift herself got news of the covers and was blown away. Then, things got even weirder.

In a twitter back and forth Adams told Swift he loves her latest album, the ubiquitous “1989,” and his intent was to cover her entire album in the style of “The Smiths” and release it. Swifts response via Twitter was (and I quote) “Is this true??????? I WILL PASS OUT.” Fans of Adams like myself know the guy is constantly working at something but many of those things never see the light of day. Alas, this morning on Adams’ Instagram he announced presales for the album start tonight at midnight so, things just keep getting weirder. If this all sounds lame to you, T-Swizzle has something to tell you in the chorus below….

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