Paul McCartney, Still Not Dead

Since today is September 23, a date which conspiracy whack-a-doos have anointed a day where the prophecy of a New World Order kicks off (something about the Popes visit and an asteroid), we thought it more than a coincidence that one of the biggest rock and roll conspiracies ever was born on this very day over two decades ago.

Yes, it was 46 years ago today that a newspaper in Northern Illinois reported that Paul McCartney was dead from a car accident and a lookalike had replaced him 9 years previous. Like most great conspiracy theories, there’s really no way to prove it isn’t true. And of course this new McCartney impersonator would deny it which he did when a reporter came to visit him on his farm as the story grew legs. Plus there’s ample evidence such as McCartney walking barefoot on the cover of “Abbey Road,” appearing with his back turned on the cover of “Sgt. Peppers” and being “the walrus” which is the Scandinavian symbol for death…because we all know The Beatles are Scandinavian. There’s several clues that people with way, way too much time on their hands have compiled so, have fun reading them.

We here at Soundwaves TV want to wish Paul McCartney a very happy 46th deathiversary and hope this replicant is forced to give up his knighthood. Furthmore, I’d like my $85.00 back for seeing some phony last summer at Candlestick Park!


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