Retro cassette table

Take a look at this! A beautiful, customizable piece of art designed to look like that classic music delivery system, the cassette tape, and a functional centerpiece to your living space as well.



From the Taybles website:

TAYBLES is comprised of three young artist/entrepreneurs (Taylor, Justin and Zach) who set out to make a product that would not only be a functional piece of furniture, but also a nostalgic piece of art. Influenced by homemade mixtapes, pop-art and modern design TAYBLE caters to musicians, artists and the young at heart.

We at TAYBLES also believe in “paying to forward.” A part of every sale goes to charity. We are currently working with HOLA and ONE STRONG FAMILY.

You KNOW the Soundwaves gang loves people who love charities! Check out their WEBSITE for more pics and pricing. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Etsy.

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