Legendary Mini Guitars

Whether you dig rock, blues, pop, country or jazz, the centerpiece to those styles of music is the guitar. And in a lot of cases the guitars played by world-famous musicians are as recognized as the artists who play them.

Guitars can be expensive, replicas of famous guitars even more so. And if you’re limited on space? Good luck finding room to display them.

The team at San Diego’s Legendary Mini Guitars may have just the thing. The company creates hand-made 1:4 scale (approximately 9 to 10 inch) replicas of some of the world’s most famous guitars, and at really reasonable rates, along with miniature accessories such as amps, cases, stands and straps, and they’re available as single instruments or in custom made shadow boxes ready to display.

Here’s a few samples, and remember, these are not full-sized instruments and gear. You can check our all their product HERE:

The Beatles – Ed Sullivan Show Collection


Angus YoungAC/DC


Michael AnthonyVan Halen


Jimi HendrixShadowbox Collection



All photos copyright Legendary Mini Guitars

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