Huey Tuesday: Montreal International Jazz Festival

HUEY TUESDAY – a weekly dig through the archives of the only 80s band more interested in workin’ for a livin’ than being hip. But for every monster pop single, there was a deep album detour into new wave, ska, blues, reggae, a capella and instrumentals. Hip to be square, indeed! Have you really heard the News?

Not to bash on any current, ahem, music stars – but there is one fundamental question to ask when you see the current crop of TMZ-friendly media whores or actually stumble upon a rare performance: Can you imagine this artist ten years from now? Twenty? Thirty?

Check out this press conference interview with Huey from the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal for a vivid portrait of the 80s music scene and a peek behind the curtain at what really made the heart of rock and roll keep beating!



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