Huey Tuesday: Running with the Crowd (1980)

HUEY TUESDAY – a weekly dig through the archives of the only 80s band more interested in workin’ for a livin’ than being hip. But for every monster pop single, there was a deep album detour into new wave, ska, blues, reggae, a capella and instrumentals. Hip to be square, indeed! Have you really heard the News?

As long as they’ve been a band, Huey and the boys have road tested new material by playing it in front of about 100 crowds, working out the kinks and seeing what people respond to. And that’s what makes this incredible rare recording sort of mind-boggling.

It’s a live performance of a song called “Running with the Crowd,” that seemed like a companion piece to the live-fast-die-young cautionary tale that was “The One One” from Picture This (1982). And the thing is… everybody everywhere loved this song and yet, it never made it onto an album.

We cannot verify if it was ever recorded in a studio, but we’d welcome any official word from upstairs!

So pretend you’re a tipsy college student in 1980 at a club … and imagine what might have been!

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  1. In a world tour book of theirs from the mid 80s says in May of 80 the video for some of my lies are true and “running with the crowd” where shot in Marin county…. so either the book is wrong or there’s a video of love to see the video

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