Soundwaves Xmas 2018: Highlights

Watch and share the best Soundwaves Xmas 2018 moments from the set!

Steven Kirk, Chasta, Dennis Willis and Joe McCaffrey dress in their festive best to talk about noteworthy nonprofits, but first Steve and Chasta have to work out their issues regarding Axl Rose!

All of the Bay Area media shout-outs included on Soundwaves Xmas 2018, including Bret Burkhart, Murph and Mac, Lamont and Tonelli, Zakk, Alicia Tyler, Arthur Ballesteros, and Dan Ashley.

The hosts of Soundwaves 10@10 (Dennis Willis), Soundwaves FM Steven Kirk), It’s a 90s Thing (Intern Steve) and PopOff (DJ Bear) talk about their programs and the thriving Bay Area music scene.

Chasta and Baby Huey (107.7 The Bone) talk Christmas traditions, memories, and why you should hang onto your toys!

Renee and Irish Greg talk about the Blue Bear School of Music on Soundwaves Xmas 2018.

Firefighting Santa (Bob Arzave) returns to Soundwaves Xmas to talk about the long-running San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program, and how people can contribute.

KGO news personality Dan Ashley announces the details for the upcoming Rock the CASA concert fundraiser, followed by the premiere of his new video, “Fast As You.”

Renee and Irish Greg spotlight the Haight Street Art Center.

Dennis Willis chats with his 12-year-old son Daniel Willis about Junior Giants, following an introduction from KNBR radio’s Murph and Mac.

Renee and Irish Greg talk about their Pop Up podcast events, and supporting local art.

The Devil in California talk about their side project Rusty Chains, and dedication to suicide prevention. Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Joe McCaffrey talk about their experiences with loss and the importance of learning to spot the signs of depression.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
Call 1-800-273-8255
Available 24 hours everyday

In this deleted scene, Chasta interviews members of the audience about unique Christmas gifts and hears a few awkward stories!

This bonus scene from Soundwaves Xmas 2018 features an interview with San Francisco Film critics Circle president Randy Myers, who chats with Dennis Willis about the importance of supporting important causes.

Renee and Irish Greg interview Mitch Stoltz about the Matthew 25, a project dedicated to providing food and clothing to those less fortunate.

Bay Area legend John Stanley (Creature Features) logs his 21st appearance on Soundwaves Xmas, and chats with Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk about holiday movies and family traditions.


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