Soundwaves TMI

Soundwaves TMI #14 – Dirty Laundry

It all started with a few complaints about people not knowing how to communicate anymore.

But then, the spirited conversation between Chasta, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk spirals into debating social media activity, the need … Read the rest

Soundwaves TMI #7 – Music Sharing

This week, the gang chats about the emerging music scenes, the recent Bone Night Out event, and the reactions of musicians hearing their songs on the radio. They also preview upcoming 40th anniversary Soundwaves events, … Read the rest

Soundwaves TMI #6 – On the Road Again

This week, the gang takes on Ozzy’s retirement from the road, Springsteen’s tour launch, ageism in rock music, “revenge travel,” the roaring back of the concert business, and behind-the-scenes peek at how Bone … Read the rest

Soundwaves TMI #3 – Award Season

Now that the Golden Globes have passed, Chasta, Steven Kirk and Dennis Willis (all voters in pre-Oscars awards) unpack award season, talk about swag, reveal how they approach voting, and why the public is getting weary of award shows.

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