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Concert Review/Commentary: Rhiannon Giddens Is Real

Molotov Cocktail: A crude incendiary device typically consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and with a means of ignition. That is what went flinging into the audience halfway through the Rhiannon Gidden’s show Sunday at the Fillmore. The song was “Backbone”. A song that brought show opener Charly […]

PopOff! Concert Review: Ashley McBryde

Boy if you build a fire, you better bet she’s got a match – Crazy Women by Brandy Clarke We will get to the match at the Ashley McBryde Fillmore show in a moment. But first I need to mention that this show arrived right as I am writing a […]

PopOff! Retro Review: No Jacket Required

I remember watching some MTV retrospective about how, video killed the radio star and Christopher Cross was interviewed saying something to effect of how MTV made looks such a huge factor that it killed his mainstream career and many others. Leaving aside the fact that looks have ALWAYS been relevant […]

Britney Speares: The Survivor

I am not that much older than Ms. Speares but at the time of her debut by all accounts I felt ancient compared to her. And where I was at mentally back then all I could see was person who got famous for being cute while having little vocal ability […]

PopOff! Commentary: Greatness Is Never Out Of Style

There is something I can’t quite place my ears on in, “Style Taylor’s Version” that feels off to me. Listening to her rerecorded track and the original from 2014 I am trying to deduce why Swifties are divided on which is better. Also I’m am checking to see if my […]

PopOff! Commentary: Leader Of The Band

I have written about lists before. I’ve certainly complained about them plenty. So at this point my comments on lists is like a running gag. But Rolling Stone released another list in an attempt to get eyeballs, stir up the on-line pot, and maintain some kind of readership for a […]

PopOff! Retro Reviews Outro

This is the second time I have done a triple review piece. And just speaking on that alone, it is interesting to try and connect three disparate works. Another thought that struck me just now now with this his project and the last three piece, is that it has been […]

Madonna – Ray Of Light

Two notes to kick of this review: 1. The only album in Madonna’s catalog before this to really have and strong central theme (as opposed to just being a collection of great pop songs) was Erotica. 2. The only other album released in 1998 by a female artist to dominate […]

Kylie Minogue – Impossible Princess

As I said in the intro RIGHT HERE Kylie Minogue by the late 80s gave up trying to cater to the US market. She was doing fine in her home country of Australia and much of western Europe loved her. So we didn’t get the build up and subsequent “backlash” […]

Janet Jackson – The Velvet Rope

To tie Janet Jackson’s, The Velvet Rope to the climate of the culture at the time would require more research and I want to get to the music but three events that stand out in my memory that occurred prior to 1997 are the Rodney King beatings and subsequent riots, […]