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Concert Review/Commentary: Rhiannon Giddens Is Real

Molotov Cocktail: A crude incendiary device typically consisting of a bottle filled with flammable liquid and with a means of ignition. That is what went flinging into the audience halfway through the Rhiannon Gidden’s show Sunday at the Fillmore. The song was “Backbone”. A song that brought show opener Charly […]


Getting even further left field we arrive in Iceland. Björk was a name I sorta knew being around- oh by the way, it is pronounced yerk like work not york like pork. Anyway, I never took her music in at all. She just escaped my orbit entirely. It was only […]

PopOff! Retro Reviews Part 1: The Agony

I know the hits, you know the hits. But the album didn’t hit me in any special way at first. It wasn’t until Junior year when I was so deep in depression I ended up in the kitchen with a chef’s knife at my chest thinking maybe this was the […]