WTF Country Mashup

You know how your rocker friends say that every country song sounds exactly the same? Actually, they might have a point…

Songwriter (and Pro Tools extraordinaire) Gregory Todd has crafted a jaw-dropping WTF mashup that combines six … SIX (!) … different contemporary Country hits.

On his YouTube page, Todd wrote “I just want to be clear that this Mashup is all in good fun. I am not bashing these songs. I understand and even appreciate why the “formula” continues to dominate the airwaves- not only in country music, but in pop and other genres as well.”

“Sure Be Cool If You Did”- Blake Shelton
“Drunk on You”- Luke Bryan
“Chillin’ It”- Cole Swindell
“Close Your Eyes”- Parmalee
“This is How We Roll”- Florida Georgia Line
“Ready, Set, Roll”- Chase Rice

Todd’s not bashing these songs. But we will. Seriously, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt anymore, now it’s a Wonka-styled gold ticket to wretched exce$$.

So put on your 10-gallon hat and shitkicker boots, and take a good listen to what your hard-earned entertainment dollar supports…


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