Happy Birthday Peter Wolf!

March 7th is the birthday of Peter Wolf, and while he’s best known and the frontman for the J. Geils Band, in 1987 he released his second solo album, Come As You Are. The titular single was a hit for Wolf, reaching #15 on the Billboard Hot 100.

The memorable video for the title track shows a ridiculously-energetic Wolf hopping through the entire piece, set in a quaint 1950’s inspired small town.

But Did You Know?

This video is almost a carbon copy of a dance routine performed by Bobby Van from the film Small Town Girl? Wolf references the inspiration bouncing past a poster for the 1953 musical as he makes his way through town.


Wait. What? Wolverine?

Everyone enjoyed host Hugh Jackman’s Tigger-like entrance to the 2014 Tony Awards, but most people missed that it was also inspired by Bobby Van and Small Town Girl. Watch closely though, and you’ll see a quick glimpse of Small Town Girl playing on a monitor as Jackman bounces by.

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