Music Legend David Bowie Dies at 69

It all seemed like a hoax, but in the end, it was a simple tweet from his son Duncan Jones that confirmed it.

David Bowie was gone. Just two days after his 69th birthday, and dropping his final masterpiece Blackstar. This was the official report from his Twitter feed:

And just as word spread everywhere at once, one wanted to simply assume it was the work of a hacker – a very ingenious hacker. But the visionary artist who had spoken to generations and defied what was possible within the artistic confines of a song or film had left us following an 18-month battle with cancer.

David Bowie was simply one of the most enduring, groundbreaking artists of all time. He embraced just about every style, each of which was the entry-point for another segment of music fans. Even beyond the “Thin White Duke” personae that rode the MTV wave into the mainstream, there was something there … beyond the catchy beats: something fiercely unique and beautiful.

Ziggy Stardust. Space Oddity. Fame. Rebel, Rebel. Let’s Dance. Live Aid. Labyrinth. The Little Drummer Boy.

His art often went against the grain of what was popular of accepted at the time, but that’s what made him David Bowie.

The tributes will continue to flow in, and will be more eloquent that anything we can articulate, but Jane Wieldlin probably said it best:


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