San Jose’s Rockbar Theater to close February 14th

mainbar-01-750x275It is with a heavy heart that we announce that Rockbar Theater in San Jose will be closing its doors February 14th. The property has been sold and many surrounding businesses will also shutter.

The Rockbar, owned by Susan Cramer and Robert Farrell, was a dazzling and unique experiment to bring live music to the South Bay in a fun, upscale environment. During its 16-month run, the Rockbar stage attracted legendary rock and roll acts and amazing performances from Billy Idol, Missing Persons, George Lynch, Quiet Riot, Queensryche, Europe, and hundreds more. The final appearance, on February 14th, will be Bay Area rock legend Eric Martin.

Rockbar also hosted the 2015 edition of Soundwaves Xmas, which featured performances from Alien Ant Farm, Strange Hotel, PUSH, Biters, Kevy Nova and the first TV appearance from reformed classic rock band The Babys in 35 years.

But all is not lost! In announcing the San Jose venue’s closure, Ms. Cramer announced that the Rockbar Theater was moving to its new digs in Reno, Nevada. Silicon Valley’s loss is Reno’s gain!

For my money – as the producer of a show that had multiple shooting dates and asked a lot of their staff – the management and fine folks of San Jose’s Rockbar Theater have never been anything less than accommodating, professional and welcoming. Even when we weren’t speaking each other’s language, we found a way to make it work.

So, to Susan, Rob, Jimmy, Chris, Josh and everyone involved, we salute your rock and roll vision, thank you for the music, and can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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