David Lee Roth returns to the Web


We heard you missed him! He’s back!

David Lee Roth, classic Van Halen front man, solo artist and world-renowned crazy bastard is back online after a year-long hiatus.

DavidLeeRoth.net came back on line on Super Bowl Sunday with an all new Roth Show, which is exactly the kind of rapid fire, manic, pinball machine ride you would expect to take if you found yourself inside the mind of Diamond Dave.

Strap yourself in for a 25 minute stream of consciousness that this time covers topics ranging from the Southern California car culture to Presbyterian food, all set to a non-stop background soundtrack.

Try and keep up.

Roth’s site is currently pretty sparse with only the latest edition of the Roth Show and social media links to his Facebook and Twitter pages.  Maybe down the road we’ll get more content, like archived Roth Shows, photo albums and news items.

It’s equally likely Dave’s just going to tell you what Dave wants to tell you, and you’ll just have to eat it and smile.

Thanks to the Van Halen News Desk for the heads up!

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