Former Journey legend Steve Perry planning 2016 solo comeback

Former Journey singer Steve Perry is making his first solo record in 22 years.

After nearly two decades out of the spotlight, there were blips on the radar that showed Perry was itching to get back in the game. There was this awesome moment during a Giants playoff game, the tender story of Perry’s recent cancer battle and heartbreaking relationship, and his surprise appearance onstage with the Eels.

And now come word that Perry has spent the better part of 2015 recording.

He told Los Angeles radio station KSWD-FM, “The truth is, I finally went into the studio in March, and I’ve been in there ever since, just trying to finish this record.”

And when can we expect to hear Perry’s voice again? “Well, I’ve asked myself that today. I mean, I certainly am looking forward to finishing it, put it that way. I wanna get it done probably in the early part of this coming year.”

His last solo record was For the Love of Strange Medicine, in 1994.

Perry’s last record with Journey was 1996’s Trail by Fire.

Rumors of a Journey reunion circulated in 2014, after guitarist Neal Schon publicly reached out to Perry to bury the hatchet. Both talked about working together again, but nothing has happened yet. Schon has gone so far to say that the “The door has always been open, like I’ve said a zillion times.”

Then again, there was that documentary movie about Journey finding new lead singer Arnel Pineda … and the fact that the band re-recorded their greatest hits with the new guy. Let’s face it, that was kind of a dick move.


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