Is David Lee Roth’s new song about Van Halen?

Van Halen’s once and current lead singer David Lee Roth has released a soulful balled called “Ain’t No Christmas,” which has been widely interpreted as a farewell to Van Halen.The song was released on The Roth Show.

That’s probably because all it takes is a birthday tweet from Sammy Hagar or a side project from Dave to send rabid fans into a tizzy, huddled over their lockers or over their backyard fence.

Are we talking about die-hard rock and roll fans or a sewing circle?

Now granted, such rumor-mongering is not unwarranted. The Van Halens have had famously thorny relationships with all of their lead singers over the past four decades, but if last year’s successful tour was any indication, all is swell in Van Halenland.

And when Van Halen News Desk reached out to DLR’s management to ask the all-important question, they got his response: “It’s poetry. It has nothing to do with Van Halen.”

So there you are! But check out the song anyway – it’s a somber and mournful ballad, not the usual shuck-and-jive from Diamond Dave, and it fits him well.


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