Front Row: Van Halen


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Around these parts, there just isn’t any debating it. Van Halen means David Lee Roth. Period.

And yet…

It’s hard not to watch this blistering documentation of Van Halen’s first tour with Sammy Hagar and not be blown away by the sheer power and propulsiveness of a band leaning into their performance … almost as if they had something to prove.

Fresh off the release of 5150, Live Without a Net was recorded in New Haven, Connecticut in 1986, and released the following year. It was of their performance on August 27, 1986 at New Haven’s Veterans Memorial Coliseum. While the band attempted to record the previous night, audio problems prevented it from being used, although some video footage from that night would later surface in music videos.

With Hagar solo hits, a generous sampling of songs from 5150 and a cover or two, this is one helluva coming out party. We just wish they’d have called it Van Hagar.

1. There’s Only One Way To Rock
2. Summer Nights
3. Get Up
4. Drum Solo
5. 5150
6. Best of Both Worlds
7. Bass Solo
8. Panama
9. Love Walks In
10. Guitar Solo
11. I Can’t Drive 55
12. Ain’t Talkin’ About Love
13. Why Can’t This Be Love?
14. Rock And Roll

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