Classic Movie Trailer: Absolute Beginners (1986)


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And when we say “classic,” that doesn’t mean the movie was necessarily good, but has endured the test of time. Sure, maybe it’s one of the greatest flicks ever … or maybe it’s a movie that’s so awesome that it should have endured. Either way, consider the next two minutes of your life as homework for your streaming queue.

If there is any upside to the passing of David Bowie, it’s that the entire planet has suddenly remembered that just about everything he did was flat-out amazing. And if it wasn’t amazing, it certainly swung for the fences.

Absolute Beginners is no exception. It was a 1986 British rock musical film adapted from the Colin MacInnes book of the same name about life in late 1950s London. The film was directed by music video wunderkind Julien Temple, featured David Bowie and Sade, and Patsy Kensit in one of her first mainstream roles.

The film takes place in 1958, a time in which pop culture is transforming from 1950s jazz and early rock to a new generation on the verge of the 1960s. London is post-World War II, but pre-Beatles/Stones.

Young photographer Colin falls in love with aspiring fashion designer Crepe Suzette but she’s only interested in her career. Colin tries to win her affections by taking a crack at the big time himself. Meanwhile, racial tensions heat up in Colin’s neighborhood of London.

Absolute Beginners was not a huge hit. In fact, it wasn’t a hit at all. But you wouldn’t know it based on its reputation in the years since, and the soundtrack is killer!

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