Def Leppard release funky new video “Man Enough”

Def Leppard release funky new video “Man Enough”

Rock mainstays Def Leppard have dropped the latest video from their album Def Leppard, and it’s a funky affair!

“Man Enough” eschews the band’s glossy pop-metal production sheen for a bass-heavy groove that would be comfortable alongside classic funk rockers of the 70s. It’s a welcome new direction, not that the band needed one. In the years since Pyromania and Hysteria, the UK quintet has enjoyed the long legs of a very successful touring career.

The first two singles – “Let’s Go” and “Dangerous” are very much cut from the mold of classic Leppard tunes – not that that’s a bad thing! But “Man Enough” reveals a different side. Guitarist Phil Collen referred to the album as “probably the most diverse thing we’ve done” as well as “more liberating and expressive.”

Welcome back, guys.

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