Warner Bros. releases Prince albums on 180 Gram Vinyl

After the sudden passing of music legend Prince on April 21st, we’re betting that you did what a million other fans did – went looking for music. While the sudden surge in sales was enough to put numerous albums and singles back onto the charts, there was one problem: his vinyl wasn’t just scarce, it was pricey!

Rest assured … Warner Bros. has been releasing Prince’s entire catalog in awesome-sounding 180 Gram vinyl.

Thus far, Prince, For You, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, Sign “O” the Times, and Around the World in a Day have been released.

Here are the release dates through the rest of the year:

Parade 8/23

Lovesexy 10/18

Batman 10/18

Graffiti Bridge 11/22

Come 12/13

Love Symbol 12/13

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