Warner Bros. releases Prince albums on 180 Gram Vinyl

Warner Bros. releases Prince albums on 180 Gram Vinyl

After the sudden passing of music legend Prince on April 21st, we’re betting that you did what a million other fans did – went looking for music. While the sudden surge in sales was enough to put numerous albums and singles back onto the charts, there was one problem: his vinyl wasn’t just scarce, it was pricey!

Rest assured … Warner Bros. has been releasing Prince’s entire catalog in awesome-sounding 180 Gram vinyl.

Thus far, Prince, For You, Controversy, 1999, Purple Rain, Sign “O” the Times, and Around the World in a Day have been released.

Here are the release dates through the rest of the year:

Parade 8/23

Lovesexy 10/18

Batman 10/18

Graffiti Bridge 11/22

Come 12/13

Love Symbol 12/13

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