Greg Kihn Band announces Rekihndled album and single

The Greg Kihn Band once sang “they don’t write ’em like that anymore.” The Bay Area rocker will put that theory to the test when his reformed band releases their cheekily-titled Rekihndled album on March 17th.

Check out the catchy first single “Big Pink Flamingos!”

This is the band’s first collection of new songs in 21 years and follows the proud tradition of RockihnRoll, Kihnspiracy and Kihntagious. We’re still waiting for an anthology called The Wrath of Kihn. you can have that one for free, Greg!


1. The Life I Got
2. Big Pink Flamingos
3. Anthem (feat. Mary Ellen Duell)
4. Cassandra
5. Tell Me Something Good
6. Good to Be Me
7. It’s Never Too Late
8. The Brain Police
9. Trained Monkey
10. I Wrote the Book
11. A Place We Could Meet

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