Twirl Radio #785: Matt Langlois

After ten years at a National Public Radio station in Chicago, Mike Lidskin returned to California in 1997 and created Twirl Radio, a weekly two hour radio program which features the finest independent music and artists from the rock era. Mike’s on a mission to not “just spin rock music, but to educate listeners about this vital art form.” Indeed, he doesn’t just announce the songs, but gives histories about some of the artists, the albums, and the songs themselves.

You can catch Twirl live each Saturday afternoon, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM PST on Sacramento’s Voice, KUBU 96.5 FM, and archived right here, as well as at If you haven’t headed into your Saturday night with an earful of Twirl, you’re doing it wrong!

Artist | Track | Album
Sunshine Boys | Schoolyard Bully | Single release
Pacific Soul Ltd. | Pacific Soul Time | The Dance Divine
Mimi Betinis | Pontiac | Music Sounds
Richard Turgeon | Bigfoot’s An Alien | In Between The Spaces
Bud Rogers | Fight Or Flight | Starman
Maxi Dunn | Make It Better | The Neglected Gambit
The JAC | Frantic Romantic (Dusseldorf Mix) | Love Dumb

Matt Langlois interview
The Welcome Matt | Boutique City | More Empire Days
The Welcome Matt | The Boon | More Empire Days
Gail George | Mythomaniac | The Barrio Sessions

Richard X. Heyman | Miss Shenandoah Martin | Incognito
Ruby Free | Start Of Something Big | Shades
The Armoires | Caterwaul | Incidental Light Show
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Duncan Faure | Lies And Promises | 4
Lannie Flowers | All Dressed Up | LIVE in NYC
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Price | Sad Scientist
Blake Jones & The Trike Shop (with Tom Magill) | Life Turns On A Dime | Teasers From The Whispermaphone
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | I Am The Best For You | Make It Be
Edward Rogers | Gossips Truths And Lies | TV Generation
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Mistakes | Mistakes
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | She’s Better | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad


San Franciscan Matt Langlois and his band The Welcome Matt, have been a fixture of our show for several years now. But today is the first time I’ve ever spoken with Matt. What brought us to this momentous occasion is the release of his amazing new album, More Empire Days.

It is a vital document of what is happening in 2017 in San Francisco, the world, and probably your town as well. As far as the subject matter, if you were to put Chuck Prophet and Joe Strummer into a room and make them write songs, you’d probably get these songs.

The sound is at times rockin’, hard-driving, and even danceable and thoughtful. That’s no small feat to mix all those styles into one album, but Matt Langlois has done it seamlessly. You need this record. Find out more at


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