Mick Jagger gets Political on Two New Singles

With a progressive conservative view that is becoming increasingly popular in these days of political division, Sir Mick Jagger released two new songs with accompanying videos on the day after his seventy fourth birthday, July 26th.

Knighted on December 12th in 2003 despite his enduring anti-establishment sentiments, Jagger expressed concern over Brexit last year, stating that it could be either beneficial or detrimental to the country, or both, dependent on the governing of the direction of the newfound independence.

In these two new releases, the lyrics and images of his first solos since 2011 depict this dramatic political change in environment, with Welsh actor Luke Evan attempting to escape the black and white decrepit urban backdrop of “England Lost”, while London-born Jemima Kirke leads the charge in a pulsating nightclub featuring both the club grime polar extremes of bathroom obscenities and dance floor antics in “Gotta Get a Grip.”

Sir Mick said he had been working on the pieces since April of this year, with tantalizing hints being dropped on July 10th in the form of an Instagram photo with fellow political observer Skepta, captioned simply “in the studio.”

The first remix was released alongside the two new singles, featuring Skepta on “Gotta Get A Grip,” quickly followed by remixes featuring Alok, Seeb, Matt Clifford, and Kevin Parker. Waving off the traditional methods of producing and releasing an entire album globally, Sir Mick explained, “It’s always refreshing to get creative in a different fashion and I feel a slight throwback to a time when you could be a bit more free and easy by recording on the hoof and putting it out there immediately. I didn’t want to wait until next year when these two tracks might lose any impact and mean nothing.”

Harshly uttered lyrics set an antipathetic tone to a duo of rhythms and images intending to convey the malcontent felt by the general populace of first world countries struggling with racism, sexism, and classism.

Speaking on these simultaneous surprise releases, Sir Mick described “England Lost” as such: “It’s about the unknowability about where you are and the feeling of insecurity,” whereas “Gotta Get A Grip” touches on the other side of the same issues, for which he said “Despite all those things that are happening, you gotta get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny.”

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