Gene Simmons will Personally Deliver his Box Set The Vault – For a Price!

With the entrepreneurial spirit that we’ve come to expect from the consistently “high-risk/high-reward” Mr. Simmons, Gene has topped himself with the extremely lofty offerings of The Vault. And it will only cost you $50,000. Sort of.

Let me explain.

The Vault is a personal encapsulation of the half-century (1966-2016) Gene has been recording music. To make the CD box set release special, Simmons has included several mementos that have never been seen before, a brand new Gene Simmons KISS Collectors Figure, over-sized “In Gene We Trust” coin (natch), and a new book with over 160 unseen photos, to name just a few of the goodies in each numbered and extremely limited edition box.

But if you’ve got a spare two grand, that’s when things get interesting.

With exclusive track-by-track commentary and a mystery “personalized gift,” each unique box starts at only $2,000 at your nearest Gene Simmons Vault Experience (complete with a meet and greet).

For the truly (financially) dedicated, the next level is the Gene Simmons Producer Experience, which will only set you back about $25,000 for the once in a lifetime opportunity for you and one (very!) loved one to spend an hour in the recording studio with Gene, taking photos, listening to music, and just hanging out until you pick up your personalized Vault on your way out!

And finally, the biggest baddest Experience available … and of course, if you spend $50,000, Gene will throw in FREE SHIPPING! Oh, and your neighbors will definitely have a story to tell.

That’s right, with the Gene Simmons Home Experience, the shipping and handling is FREE because your Vault might come with some face paint on it, due to the fact that Gene himself will be delivering it to your door!

With up to 25 of your most beloved guests, Gene Simmons will spend up to two hours with you in your own home!

The Vault has something for every superfan – from $2,000 up to $50,000!

Gene Simmons knows his demographic well – and works his niche with the finesse of an absurdly long tongue. Act now! Operators are standing by!

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