Happy Birthday, Soundwaves!


March 30, 1983.

That’s when we switched on the mic for the first time on public access TV, and played two hours of music on a Wednesday afternoon.

Who knew that afternoon what would follow: Soundwaves would produce 500 episodes shot everywhere from San Francisco to Mexico to Hawaii, win numerous awards, host 28 Christmas fundraisers (to date), raise almost 40,000 items for local communities, re-lauch the iconic program 10@10, build a music hub that hosts 10 original hours of new content per week, promote a summer-long music festival, and be the subject of a (still in production) documentary?

All stats and bragging rights aside, something else remarkable happened.


I’ve had the time of my life, and built friendships that endure three decades later. Yes, we take pride in our still-rising music brand, and are thrilled about what the future holds. But any opportunity to get any combination of these creative friend-minds cranking on a TV special, Soundwaves FM radio, live show, or website post … well that day is simply a better one than the day before it.

And the glue that holds this all together is the music. So today, whether you are part of the Soundwaves family, a fan, or you just wandered by for some other post … play your favorite music loud today. Tap your feet, dance a little. Think of friends found and friends lost, and live life a little louder today.

Just as I cannot do this without our Soundwaves family, we can’t do this without you.

So, on behalf of Steve, Joe, Cathie, Wayne, Steve (the other one), Josh, Moira, Amy, Chasta, Justin, Sarah, Carla, Kendall, Leilani, Steve (the other other one), John, Emma, Pam, Robin, Jason, Shelley, Dusty, Richard, Janne, Bob, Linda, and Marty …

We love you, thank you immensely, and can’t wait to show you what we’ve got coming up next!


1511184_631740016871918_1214571657_n SW 30th FB  WRAP-01

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