Twirl Radio #844 – Kenn Goodman

After ten years at a National Public Radio station in Chicago, Mike Lidskin returned to California in 1997 and created Twirl Radio, a weekly two hour radio program which features the finest independent music and artists from the rock era. Mike’s on a mission to not “just spin rock music, but to educate listeners about this vital art form.” Indeed, he doesn’t just announce the songs, but gives histories about some of the artists, the albums, and the songs themselves.

You can catch Twirl live each Saturday afternoon, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM PST on Sacramento’s Voice, KUBU 96.5 FM, and archived right here, as well as at If you haven’t headed into your Saturday night with an earful of Twirl, you’re doing it wrong!

Artist | Track | Album
Vegas With Randolph | You Could Say Yes | Legs & Luggage
Maxi Dunn | Weather Warning | The Neglected Gambit
Orbis Max | Ride | Single release
Desario | Down Among Them | III
The American Professionals | Falling Down | Sympathetic Overdrive
Daniel Trigger | Drive | Right Turn

Kenn Goodman interview
The Imperial Sound | Get Along! | The New AM
The Imperial Sound | I Feel Strange | The New AM

Sunshine Boys | Wayside | Single release
Fun Of The Pier | Possible | 14:42
Pete’s Copter | Magic Circle | The Fowl Tone Sampler
Richard X. Heyman | Incognito | Incognito
Wilkerson | Let It Go Tonight | Wilkerson
Michael Simmons | Rudderless Day | First Days Of Summer
Raquel Bell | A Solo To Mars | Swandala
Lisa Mychols | Domino | Sugar
Russ Tolman | Sleepin’ All Alone | Compass & Map
Duncan Faure | Girl On Her Own | Anthology
Lannie Flowers | Day Glow | Single release
Elk City | Ride The Slide | Everybody’s Insecure
Adam Marsland | Cut And Run | Go West
Gretchen’s Wheel | Plans | Black Box Theory

Now it can be told: September was a pretty great month for interviews on Twirl Radio. To review: Ronnie Barnett of The Muffs, Sparklejet, Addison Love, and Danny Wilkerson. Most radio people, including myself, would give their eye teeth for a set of interviews like this (by the way–if you find my eye teeth, please let me know!). So to cap off this stellar month, and to begin my favorite season, Fall, I knew we had to do something special. So we had as our very special guest, Kenn Goodman, founder of venerable indie label Pravda Records, and founding member of Chicago band The Imperial Sound.

The Imperial Sound has rapidly become one of my favorite new bands. It was started by Kenn and his longtime musical partner Rick Mosher, as the next logical step beyond their legendary band The New Duncan Imperials. Their sound is big, fun, brash at times, and more introspective at times. It’s grown up and sophisticated, yet still rocks. It’s an amalgam of rock, blues, and jazz. You could say Stax meets Burt Bacharach, but gets hijacked by ska and punk rock along the way, and you’d be pretty close. I admitted to Kenn that on paper, I’m normally not a big fan of music with lots of horns and keyboards–but this band really, really works for me. I am NOW a fan of music with lots of horns and keyboards–it just has to be done the way The Imperial Sound does it. And vocalists–wow, not only do most of the six band members sing, but they had the luxury of bringing in several other guest vocalists on some of the songs. Folks like Peter Himmelman, Nora O’Connor, and Dag Juhlin. (On a side note: Chloe Orwell, of longtime Twirl favorite band The Handcuffs, now sings with The Imperial Sound during their live gigs!) Check them out, and buy their record:

We also spent a few minutes chatting about Kenn’s amazing company, Pravda Records, and the breadth of music showcased there, including Twirl favorites Sunshine Boys and The Diplomats of Solid Sound. Check out this label–you’re sure to find some music you’ll love:


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