Watch Dave Grohl Chug A Beer And Fall Off Stage While Performing At CES

Luckily, this time around Dave Grohl walked away unscathed…

We all love Dave Grohl and his stage antics! Well, this week Grohl may have had too much fun during his performance in Las Vegas at the annual Consumer Electronics Show.

Foo Fighters were performing Wednesday night at a private concert at CES in Las Vegas for JBL speaker. Foo Fighters are known for the extended live versions to their hit songs, during these breakdowns, Grohl is known to run around on stage with his guitar. As Grohl was rocking out at the band’s concert at The Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, he made his way off the stage and called for a beer from the crowd.

A fan handed over a can of Bud Light, Grohl committed a party foul by knocking his beer all over a JBL speaker. Luckily, the speaker didn’t short out. On the bright side, that’s great promotion for the company and their product, however Grohl followed up the accident by chugging the entire beer can.

Next, Grohl tried jumping back up onto the stage but instead fell into the crowd and knocked over equipment.

Thank god, Grohl walked away unscathed, unlike his fall back in 2015 when the Foot Fighters were in Sweden that ended with a broken leg. After that fall, Grohl performed while sitting on a giant throne during his recovery.

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