Soundwaves TV #18 – Rock in a Hard Place

Soundwaves returns to TV with a weekly dive into the Bay Area’s rich music scene. Hosted by Chasta, Soundwaves TV features music videos, live performances, guest musicians, DJs, and influencers from all four corners of the Bay.

We’re back! Season 2 officially kicks off with an expanded episode, new features, and more!

Chasta welcomes Stevie Loveless (Dave Friday Band, SJ Sindicate) to talk about his projects and the Bay Area music scene; Baby Huey reveals the biggest music shows coming through the Bay Area in 2019; and then the trio ask the ominous question … “Is rock dead?” Their answers may (or may not) surprise you.

Also, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk re-introduce the Power Pick and spin videos from Handsome Young Ladies, Paris Monster, the Chris Clouse Project, Vverewolf, Vivifyd, Stimuli, Frantic Romantic, and a Soundwaves Exclusive premiere from Dillingers!




  1. That Smooth Operator cover is fantastic

  2. Ah! I have so much to say about this “is rock dead?” topic, but it would take a very long time to type out.

    Broad strokes though, I think the music industry, having lost so much money over the last two decades, is maybe less into signing groups, and more into signing solo artists. Everything has a cost including live instrumentation.

    Also, separately, there is something to be said about innovation when it comes to rock music. Just like anything else, there needs to be a new generation that comes along to redefine the sound, and maybe right now we’re in need of that a little more than we have.

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