Soundwaves TV #22 – Of Rock Gods and Men

Soundwaves returns to TV with a weekly dive into the Bay Area’s rich music scene. Hosted by Chasta, Soundwaves TV features music videos, live performances, guest musicians, DJs, and influencers from all four corners of the Bay.

You’re not going to want to miss this entertaining and powerful episode!

Chasta welcomes Leighsa Montrose, the wife and widow of guitar legend Ronnie Montrose for a frank and wide-reaching conversation about their lives together, depression, and Leighsa’s efforts to help others in the wake of Ronnie’s unexpected passing.

Rising hard rockers Stimuli stop by to talk about the local scene and how the creative process creates an echo chamber. Also, how some powerful influences to take hold whether you’re raised in the midwest, or Australia.

Baby Huey and Chasta talk musical festival do’s and don’ts – a sensible list that quickly devolves into an outrageous conversation about … well, you just have to hear it to believe it.

And finally, Chasta, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk talk about the Motley Crue biopic The Dirt, and Chasta has a surprising mea culpa for Dennis.

Plus music videos from a the The Stone Foxes, Cat and Mel, The Happys, Handsome Young Ladies, Cave Clove, and the Power Pick from buzzy combo The Sh-Booms!


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