Video Premiere: The Go Ahead, “Falling Out of Place”

The Go Ahead are a high-energy, female-fronted rock band known for their incredibly dynamic stage presence and unique sound, blending of powerhouse grooves, soul-shaking bass, jaw-dropping guitar lines, and melodies packed with sheer emotion. Lead singer Kyna Wise is the daughter of actor Ray Wise (of Twin Peaks fame), and has a soulful voice that’s a cross between Grace Slick, Mick Jagger and Gwen Stefani.

Their new video “Falling Out of Place” is a powerful and deeply personal visual depiction of a traumatic experience. She found creative solace with singer-songwriter Sam Johnson after their producer Pat Brown encouraged her to write with Sam and Jordan Blackmon.

As per Kyna’s Instagram post:

“I sat in a room with these two incredible strangers and poured my heart out to them. I was struggling with a lot. Sam listened to my story and started writing words about it that rhymed. Bless him for helping me articulate when I couldn’t without crying. The origin of this song came from a deep trust being broken. Trust. It’s so hard to continue to trust people when someone close to you has violated that investment. But there I went, in a room with two men I didn’t know, telling them about my pain and the shame that came with it.”

“Falling Out of Place” proves that art can be therapeutic and inspiring, as it’s impossible to watch the video and not be moved by the words that appear onscreen, all real quotes from friends of Kyna’s who had similar situations.

Kyna admits to opening night jitters on the eve of the song and video’s release. “I am scared to release this song because it’s about a violation that stemmed from trusting the wrong people. But as it’s turning out, I have trusted way more of the right people than the wrong ones. So, here I am, trusting my story with you 💚. In the words of #tobiasfunke, “Let the great experiment begin!” #trusttheprocess. Thank you for helping me through mine.”

“Falling Out of Place” premiered on Soundwaves TV #28 on June 30, 2019 but you can watch it here:

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