PopOff! Bonus Beats: Scene Queen #2 Favorites 2019 Part 2

Hello poppies! It’s part 2 of my favorite local music scene discoveries of last year.

We go from east to west, even a little farther north than normal. Just a little tip here to help you get the most out of it – CRANK THIS UP!


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1. The Patti Fiasco – Saved By Rock ‘n’ Roll (Laramie, WY)
2. WYLDLIFE – Get Loud (Atlanta, GA)
3. The Helltones – Oreo (Oaklnad, CA)
4. The Hooten Hallers – Further From Shore (Columbia, MO)
5. Ace Of Cups – Stones (San Francisco, CA)
6. Velvet Starlings – If Life Ain’t Getting You High (Los Angeles, CA)
7. Cracker – El Cerrito (Richmond, CA)
8. Me Like Bees – Joseph James (Biloxi, MS)
9. Longneck – Milky Way (Jersey City, NJ)
10. Starwcrawler – Call Me A Baby (L.A., CA)

11. Little Vicious – Whiskey Overhead (New York, NY)
12. Bat Fangs – Rock The Reaper (New York, NY)
13. Blue Öyster Cult – Godizlla (Stony Brook, NY)
14. The Decatures – The Beast (Omaha, NE)
15. Dress The Dead – 1969 (Oakland, CA)
16. Slug Fest – You’ve Chosen Your Fate/Waves Of Sand (Cleveland, OH)
17. The Surfaris – Wipeout (Glendora, CA)
18. The Surfragettes – Toxic (Toronto, ON)

The Patti Fiasco – Saved By Rock ‘n’ Roll
The Surfragettes – Toxic
The Surfaris – Wipeout

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