PopOff! #66: Annual Country Music Check-Up

Hello poppies, it is time for my annual check-up on mainstream country radio and the country charts!!!

Has any progress been made in female representation? Well yes, at the time of this posting Maddie & Tae are at #1 … on the chart an ACTUAL country song and by a female act!

It only took two years for the song to hit #1 and 6+ for a real country by a female act to reach #1. I featured that song on last year’s check up mix. But overall, things are bleak for woman and for real country on the radio and the charts, so here is your antidote. Three hours of chatter and more of the records that matter.

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1. Jamie Wyatt – Make Something Outta Me
2. Gayle O’Nael – Drive Him Crazy
3. Jodi Vaughan – I Live For Today
4. Ashley McBryde – One Night Standards
5. Corb Lund & Jaida Dreyer – I Think You Oughta Try Whiskey
6. Tami Neilson – Ten Tonne Truck
7. Caitlin Cannon – Toolbox
8. Bobbie Cryner – Daddy Laid The Blues On Me
9. Lori McKenna – This Town Is A Woman
10. Robynn Shaynne – Whiskey And Bad Decisions
11. Michaela Anne – Burn My Bridges
12. Brandy Clark – Who Broke Whose Heart
13. Scott Southworth & Jill Kinsey – Agree To Disagree
14. Kylie Fry – Spur Of The Moment
15. Katrina Burgoyne – It All Falls Down
16. Nora Jane Struthers – The Turnpike
17. Anna Lynch – Hotter Than Hades
18. Gabe Lee – Honky Tonk Hell
19. Whitney Rose – Pink Leather Boots
20. Victoria Bailey – Honky Tonk Woman
21. Dixiana – Waitin’ For The Deal To Go Down
22. Highway 101 – Bing Bang Boom
23. Michelle Billingsley – Portia
24. The New Graces – Seasons
25. Tessy Lou Williams – Your Forever Will Never Say Goodbye
26. Katie Brooke – This Road Is Mine
27. Jade Turner – Highway Town
28. Emma Jene – Boy Meets Girl
29. Brooke Lambert – Smile Again
30. Lizzy Long – Dreaming Again
31. Donna Ulisse – When I Go All Blue Grass On You
32. Jessi Alexander – Mama Drank
33. Darlinghurst – Picture Frame
34. Graycie York – Patsy Kinda Night
35. Heath Milner – Tennessee Lights
36. Casey Baker – We Don’t Care Enough To Fight Anymore
37. Leslie Stevens – Depression Descent
38. Kelsie May – Red Sunset
39. Moriah Domby – Could’ve Tried
40. Gina Jeffreys – Gypsy Soul
41. Dori Freeman – 2 Step
42. The Quebe Sisters – Summer Of Roses
43. Jenna Dale Lord Band – He Loves Me More
44. Jenee Fleenor – Good Ol’ Girls
45. Caitlin Cannon – Barbers and Bartenders
46. Pam Tillis – Dark Turn of Mind
47. Erin Enderlin – Whatever Gets You Through The Night
48. Georgette Jones & Vince Gil – I Know What You Did Last Night
49. Miranda Lambert – Dark Bars
50. Kristy Cox – Finger Pickin’ Good
51. Becky Buller – More Heart, Less Attack
52. Kree Harrison – Chosen Family Tree
54. Susan McCann – The Older I Get

All of them

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