DJ Mike Show #190 – 2/13/2021: Interview with Elizabeth McCullough of Alpha Cat!

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Artist | Track | Album
Mad Tea Party | Blues Slip In | Found A Reason
The Chandler Travis Philharmonic | Sexy Ivan With Bongo | The Ivan Variations
Gail George with Early Times | Gonna Get Worse | The Barrio Sessions
XTC | No Thugs in Our House | English Settlement
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The Amplifier Heads | Black Mascara | Music For Abandoned Amusement Parks
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Elizabeth McCullough interview
Alpha Cat | Something of Value | Pearl Harbor 2020
Alpha Cat | Straw Hat | Pearl Harbor 2020
Alpha Cat | (Something having to do with) Spring | Pearl Harbor 2020

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Adam Marsland | Cut and Run | Go West
John Wesley Harding | Dead Centre Of Town | Why We Fight

On this show, Elizabeth McCullough of Alpha Cat returns with some more new music for us to hear. Sort of.

It seems like it was only last July that I last chatted with Elizabeth on my show. That’s because–she was on my July 18th show! That’s when we met for the first time, and so I had a lot of questions about Elizabeth herself–her musical origins, the origin of Alpha Cat, and of course, we chatted about the album that was out at the time, Thatched Roof Glass House.

Fast forward to now, and hey, since we’re kind of old friends, we cut right to the chase–we talked about the reissue of the magnificent record, Pearl Harbor 2020.

To be technically correct, it was called Pearl Harbor when it was originally released in 2001, just after 9/11 (but presciently recorded before). The timing was unfortunate. The tastemakers and the listening public were probably not ready for an album with that name, an image of an exploded bomb from World War II on the cover, and a song containing sound effects of a glass building falling down. It didn’t really get the attention it deserved at the time. Although it’s being released right now, in February 2021, it’s called Pearl Harbor 2020 for obvious historical reasons, considering how large last year looms in our collective psyche.

It really is a great, cohesive musical piece, augmented by a couple of additional tracks that round it out. The song sequencing is really important, and the album works best if listened to all the way through, in one sitting. The songs mark a journey, from sadness and loss to redemption and a way to a better future. The centerpiece upon which the album turns is the title track, Pearl Harbor, right in the middle of the set. The whole album is very listenable. It rocks rather hard. Elizabeth’s smoky, powerful voice delivers the goods, and her band is the well-oiled machine that drives her vision and songs.

We also talked about one of the recently-added songs, (Something Having To Do With) Spring. This one literally saved somebody’s life. Sobering. There will be a video released sometime in the future, which illustrates this powerful and meaningful song.

I cannot recommend Pearl Harbor 2020 enough, and it comes out this week. More information at


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