PopOff! #79: New & New Wave

PopOff! #79: New & New Wave

Hello poppies, this episode I celebrate one of my favorite genres with dose of classic new wave mixed with a heavier dose of new acts keeping those sounds alive a fresh. Plus, a whole hour devoted to local Bay Area music acts riding the new wave.

PopOff! is an “anything goes” musical show hosted by me DJ Bear. Every episode is a unique sonic road trip through the multitudes of genres, eras, and musicians in recorded music. So if you have an open mind for musical exploration climb into the PopOff! Bubble and let’s get to it!!

Also join me at The Bear Cave for my live streamed shows on KBEAR Radio. I put the roar in more musical variety.

Current Schedule:

Thurs. at 7 PM PST: Theme Thursday, a new theme or tribute every week.

Friday Drive at 5: Smooth grooves 5 PM PST followed by 2 or more hours of disco dance action at 6.
Sunday 12 Noon: Country BBQ, all the best in country, honky-tonk swing and roots music

Plus random pop ups where I pop off about more musical topics.

Plus Pop up streams on many other days either 11AM or &PM PST



* Denotes local Bay Area Act

Julie Stone – Fire In Me

Computer Magic – Fuzz

Depeche Mode – Master And Servant

Snapped Ankles – Rhythm Is Our Business

Devo – That’s Good

Starlung – 70’s Girl *

Lover’s Guilt – Into The Night *

Erasure – Drama!

U-Bahn – Turbulent

Velvet Condom – Rogue City

Miko Mission – How Old Are You?

Endgames – Waiting For Another Chance

Frazier Chorus – Nothing

Ave Delta – Platónicos

The Human League – Louise (Matt Mix)

Russell Louder – Know The Game

Sid Luscious and the Pants – Lifestyle Magazine Lifestyle *

Romeo Void – A Girl In Trouble (Is A Temporary Thing) *

Gorgeous Dykes – Do Cowards Get Ahead? *

Shrinkwrap Killers – I Think Sirens Are Coming For Me *

Bastet – Séance *

The Chameleons – Here Today

Simple Minds – See The Lights

The Hot Takes – Heaven And Hell *

The Romantics – What I Like About You

Melita – Evolution *

For Joris – Holly In The Reins *

Thought Beings – Satellite *

Noel – Silent Morning

Sid Luscious and the Pants – One Life

Art d’Ecco – I Am The Dance Floor

Scissor Sisters – Filthy Gorgeous

Pet Shop Boys – Love Etc.

Marsheaux – Eyes With Out A Face

Meg Myers – Running Up That Hill

La Femme – Paradigme

Siousxie and the Banshees – Peek-a-Boo

Selofan – Ist Die Liebe Tot?

Tubeway Army – Are “Friends” Electric?

Kirsty MacColl – Roman Gardens

She Past Away – Asimilayshun

De Lux – Dancing Is Dangerous In Los Angeles

Danz CM – Domino

Moonbeau – In Love

Book Of Love – Boy

Elvis Costello – Watching The Detectives

The Hot Takes – Out Of The Shadows *

Voice Farm – Nowhere To Run*

Twin Shadow – Johnny And Jonnie

Fire Tiger – So Many Fishes

Kim Wilde – You Came

The Whip – Keep Or Delete

Nip On The Dance Floor – Le Fomo *

Nrvs Lvrs – I am Almost Perfectly Awake *

The Killers – Human

Neon Shades – I’m Gone


Planet Booty – Connoisseur *

Yazoo – Only You


The Hot Takes – Heaven And Hell

La Femme – Paradigme

Art d’Ecco – I Am The Dance Floor

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