PopOff! Bonus Beats: Celebrate A State-O-Mystery

Hello poppies! It is July and time for another round of celebrate-a-state, where I random pick a state and celebrate the icons that hail from that state, plus toss in a few new and the good for good measure. So guess what state I celebrate on these bonus beats!

PopOff! is an “anything goes” musical show hosted by me DJ Bear. Every episode is a unique sonic road trip through the multitudes of genres, eras, and musicians in recorded music. So if you have an open mind for musical exploration climb into the PopOff! Bubble and let’s get to it!!

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1. Blache Calloway – I Gotta Swing
2. Cab Calloway – Jumpin’ Jive (Hep Hep)
3. The Orioles – What Are You Doing New Years Eve?
4. Toni Braxton – You’re Making Me High
5. Myea – Crush*
6. Color Me Badd – I Wanna Sex You Up (Sam Watters)
7. Ultra Naté – Free
8. Gisele Jackson – Love Commandments
9. BT – Flaming June
10. Frank Zappa – Montana
11. Incognito – Still A Friend Of Mine Mayasa
12. Sweetbox – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright Tina Harris – Sweetbox
13. The Obsessed – Sacred
14. Pinkshift – On Thin Ice*
15. Ben DeHan & Lauren White – Think I Want*
16. Lockemy – Shadowcast*
17. Little Lungs – Better In Blue*
18. Counting Crows – All My Friends
19. Greg Kihn Band – The Break-up Song
20. The Go-Go’s – Skidmarks On My Heart
21. EgoSapien – Have No Fear*
22. Bob Lind – Elusive Butterfly
23. Cass Elliot – It’s Getting Better
24. C hick Webb – I’ve Got Rhythm
25. Ethel Ennis – My Foolish Heart

Blanche Calloway – I Gotta Swing
Lockemy – Shadowcast
Ethel Ennis – My Foolish Heart
Cass Elliot – It’s Getting Better

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