PopOff! #89: PopOff! Song Bar Collab: Thank You For The Music

Hello Poppies and Song Bar patrons! Please enjoy this set of songs about gratitude, tunes about thanks, and aires of appreciation to lead off your 2022. You can read the full write up and participate in future themes at Song Bar.

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The Abundant Affections A-List:

1. Andrew Gold – Thank You For Being A Friend
2. ABBA – Thank You For The Music
3. Melbourne Ska Orchestra – The Best Things In Life Are Free
4. The Whitlams – Thank You (For Loving Me At My Worst)
5. Horace Silver – Gratitude
6. William DeVaughn – Be Thankful For What You’ve Got
7. Earth, Wind, Fire – Gratitude
8. Violetta Parra – Gracias A La Vida
9. Peter Hammil – A Better Time
10. Mary Chapin Carpenter – Thanksgiving Song
11. Mischief Brew – Gratitude And Thanks
12. Alanis – Thank U
13. Kate Rusby – Days
14. The Proclaimers – Sunshine On Leith

The Bountiful Blessings B-List:

15. Stromae – Merci
16. Björk – Takk
17. Adeva – I Thank You
18. Fatoumata Diawara – Mama
19. King Sunny Ade – Appreciation
20. Tania Maria – Valeu
21. Salt ‘n’ Pepa & En Vogue – Whatta Man
22. Natalie Cole – Be Thankful
23. Billy Paul – Thanks For Saving My Life
24. Grateful Dead – Attics Of My Life
25. Neil Michael Hagerty – Gratitude
26. Titan Go Kings – Arigatou
27. Beastie Boys – Gratitude
28. Teenage Fanclub – Ain’t That Enough
29. XTC – All The Pretty Girls
30. YUI – Thank You My Teens
31. Sinéad O’Connor – Thank You For Hearing Me
32. Bat For Lashes – Lilies
33. Christina Aguilera – Fighter
34. Grigory Leps ft Timor Rodriguez – Спасибо
35. Dido – Thank You
36. Markus Reuter – Love and Gratitude

Hooters – I’m Alive

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