Soundwaves TMI

Soundwaves TMI #17 – Ain’t Dead Yet (4/17/24)

Ain’t Dead Yet (4/17/24) | Chasta and Dennis Willis go deep with performer Sam Chase, who details a harrowing and enlightening experience following a stroke. Sam’s interview leads to a bigger conversation about time, loss, and what we leave behind. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE TO WATCH NEW EPISODES WEEKLY: […]

Soundwaves TMI #14 – Dirty Laundry

Dirty Laundry (6/13/23) | It all started with a few complaints about people not knowing how to communicate anymore. But then, the spirited conversation between Chasta, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk spirals into debating social media activity, the need for attention, the toxicity of political discourse, the nature of […]

Soundwaves TMI #12 – Ghost in the Machine

Ghost in the Machine (4/19/23) | Chasta, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk talk about her recent trip to New Orleans and all the unexplainable incidents that happened after encountering the scene of a tragedy. Did she bring home some wandering spirits? Is it all a coincidence, or should they call […]

Soundwaves TMI #11 – The Fab Five

The Fab Five (4/05/23) | Chasta, Dennis Willis, and Steven Kirk introduce an ongoing format called The Fab Five, in which each of them reveal five songs that have been important to them at key moments in their lives. What emerges are passionate and revealing stories bound by a […]

Soundwaves TMI #10 – The Gang’s All Here

The Gang’s All Here (3/29/23) | The gang hypes the forthcoming season of Soundwaves TV with a freewheeling conversation about creating music, and being drawn to make art. Also, Morris Knight announces his latest music collaboration, and why it’s never too late to learn to play an instrument. Chasta, […]

Soundwaves TMI #9 – The Great Beyond

Pat DeSalvo and Garnet Grimm from legendary blues act Savoy Brown join the show to discuss carrying on the musical legacy of founding member Kim Simmonds, who passed away in December. Chasta, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Joe Hawk also debate legacies, and the idea of a band evolving through […]

Soundwaves TMI #7 – Music Sharing

Music Sharing (2/15/23) | This week, the gang chats about the emerging music scenes, the recent Bone Night Out event, and the reactions of musicians hearing their songs on the radio. They also preview upcoming 40th anniversary Soundwaves events, look back at how it all started, and the power […]

Soundwaves TMI #6 – On the Road Again

On the Road Again (2/08/23) | This week, the gang takes on Ozzy’s retirement from the road, Springsteen’s tour launch, ageism in rock music, “revenge travel,” the roaring back of the concert business, and behind-the-scenes peek at how Bone Bash with Alice Cooper and Rob Zombie came together. Also, […]

Soundwaves TMI #5 – Music as Medicine

This week, the gang takes on the very serious subject of suicide prevention and the impactful efforts made by local musicians to make a difference and reduce the stigma surrounding depression. Also, special guest DJ Bear (PopOff, The Bear Cave) discusses trauma and the healing power of music. Hosted by […]

Soundwaves TMI #4 – The Birthday Episode

It’s Dennis and Steve’s birthdays! So of course, the topics range from classic gatherings, shared birthdays, and crazy tales that are (hopefully) well past the statute of limitations! They also talk about the 49ers postseason and reveal the latest info about their Soundwaves beer Into the Groove! Hosted by Chasta, […]

Soundwaves TMI #3 – Award Season

Now that the Golden Globes have passed, Chasta, Steven Kirk and Dennis Willis (all voters in pre-Oscars awards) unpack award season, talk about swag, reveal how they approach voting, and why the public is getting weary of award shows. Award Season (1/11/23) | The hosts of Soundwaves pull back […]

Soundwaves TMI #2 – Let’s Get Physical

The gang talks about the buzzy series Wednesday, Cobra Kai, White Lotus, and “to binge or not to binge,” the theatrical experience, and commercials in movie theaters. Also, Physical Media vs Streaming: Dennis breaks down the recent billion dollar entertainment mergers and how it’s probably best to own what you […]

Soundwaves TMI #1 – Welcome to the Party!

Happy New Year! Soundwaves leaps into it’s 40th anniversary year with a brand new podcast – Soundwaves TMI! The hosts of Soundwaves pull back the curtain on four decades of adventures in radio and TV, current events, and the power of making art with your friends. Dennis Willis, Chasta, and […]