Soundwaves 10@10 #47: 1978

Soundwaves presents brand new editions of 10@10, the beloved long-running radio show that features ten great songs from one great year, as well as numerous samples of political, historical and pop culture happenings. Hosted by Dennis Willis and featuring original 10@10 host Dave Morey, Soundwaves 10@10 is the ultimate pop culture celebration loved by thousands of devoted fans.

Welcome to the next generation of 10@10, hosted by Dennis Willis, and featuring original 10@10 maestro Dave Morey.

It’s all here … birthdays! The big wheel! Mystery years! It’s the 10@10 you know and love, and it’s back every Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday right here at 10:00 AM.



Today, it’s the year Grease hit the big screen, Creature Features was on the small screen, Hardware Wars and Animal House became classics, and Randy Newman offended short people.

It’s … 1978!



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If you want to keep the songs a mystery, we’ve got you covered! But if you want to peek at the list, highlight the text below.
-Movie: Animal House
1. The Who, Who Are You
-News: Death Of Pope Paul VI
2. The Cars, Just What I Needed
3. Steely Dan, Peg
-TV: Hardware Wars
4. Foreigner, Hot Blooded
Movie: Grease
5. Randy Newman, Short People
6. The Police, Roxanne
-TV: Creature Features
7. Alicia Bridges, I Love The Nightlife
-Movie: Heaven Can Wait
8. Nick Gilder, Hot Child in the City
9. Bruce Springsteen, Adam Raised a Cain
-Movie: Up in Smoke
10. Blondie, One Way or Another

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