Soundwaves 10@10 #64: 1970

Soundwaves presents brand new editions of 10@10, the beloved long-running radio show that features ten great songs from one great year, as well as numerous samples of political, historical and pop culture happenings. Hosted by Dennis Willis and featuring original 10@10 host Dave Morey, Soundwaves 10@10 is the ultimate pop culture celebration loved by thousands of devoted fans.


Today on Soundwaves 10@10, it’s the year Apollo 13 had a problem, the Jackson 5 sold their first million records, and John Lennon sold instant karma!

It’s … 1970!


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If you want to keep the songs a mystery, we’ve got you covered! But if you want to peek at the list, highlight the text below.

1. Norman Greenbaum, Spirit In The Sky
-Rock Em Sock Em Robots
2. Edwin Starr, War
3. Rare Earth, Get Ready
-Dick Clark introduces the Jackson 5
4. Jackson 5, I Want You Back
5. The Delfonics, Didn’t I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
6. The Partridge Family, I Think I Love You
7. John Lennon, Instant Karma
-Movie: Patton
8. The Kinks, Lola
9. Free, All Right Now
10. Van Morrison, Into the Mystic


  1. This is such a fantastic discovery!! Have loved 10@10 for decades when it aired on KFOG – thanks a million for bringing it back!! So are these archives or new episodes which feature the fantastic original host Dave Morey and do new episodes air daily @ 10 AM PST perhaps?

    Downloaded the related MixCloud app on my iOS device and it appears to play the same episode/stay in sync w/ what I’ve selected on the soundwaves web site – is that how it works? Very cool and thank you thank you again for rebroadcasting/bringing back these amazing bits of pure pop culture indulgence!! 😉

    • Hey Scott! Thanks for your awesome comments! Nope, these are brand new editions, three times a week! And while they do tend to drop about 9:45 AM, you can listen any time you want. Now that you follow on Mixcloud, you’ll get an email whenever there is a new edition. Thanks!

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