Renee & Irish Greg’s Pop UP! Episode 3: Protest Music Feat. Dave Eggers & Bhi Bhiman


Renee Richardson and “Irish Greg” McQuaid have been Bay Area radio staples for more than two decades at Live 105, KFOG and KGO Radio in San Francisco. Follow Renee on Twitter HERE and Greg HERE. Follow their Facebook page HERE.

Renee and Irish Greg’s podcast, taped Tuesday 10/25. The theme of the night was “Political Songs/Protest Songs” and was inspired by the upcoming election and more specifically Dave Eggers’ 30 Days, 30 Songs , a project that has musicians such as REM , Death Cab for Cutie , Aimee Mann and many more, releasing a song a day to protest the candidacy of Donald Trump.

Another musician on Eggers’ compilation is local artist Bhi Bhiman who stopped by to discuss his contribution, a song called “With Love To Russia.” Watch the official video for
the song HERE .

As we discussed in the podcast, Bhi Bhiman first came to prominence after appearing on the prestigious BBC TV show Later with Jools Holland which you can see HERE .

In the interest of equal time we also talked about pro-Trump music which was predictably awful. Sadly we never got to this one on the podcast but it’s especially bad. ENJOY!

Finally, we were joined by local author Sylvie Simmons , the official biographer for Leonard Cohen and Neil Young and also a musician herself who performed her own Trump tune on her trusty ukulele.

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