Happy Birthday, Soundwaves!

The venerable Bay Area music brand celebrates 34 years of music-based TV and audio programming with some big plans – and the return of a Soundwaves favorite!

The popular 80s-themed program Soundwaves FM returns Friday, March 31st at 5:00 PM PST with a revamped format that places an emphasis on vinyl, extended mixes and lost soundtracks. The weekly show will be hosted by longtime Soundwaves personality Steven Kirk.

Since going off the air in 2008, the Soundwaves brand has continued to evolve, with the annual award-winning Soundwaves Xmas specials that connect music with noteworthy nonprofits, to popular original audio programming such as Soundwaves 10@10, with Dennis Willis and legendary original host Dave Morey.

Recently, the Soundwaves website has featured podcast content from popular Bay Area radio personalities Peter Finch (The Finch Files: Stories from San Francisco and Beyond) and Renee and Irish Greg’s Pop UP! As well, Mike Lidskin’s Twirl Radio is a weekly live program celebrating the world of independent music.

Soundwaves will partner with the long-running New Wave City group, to showcase upcoming events, and will soon announce a number of major new projects and collaborations!

Thanks to everyone who follows, listens, supports – and continues to keep the music alive!

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