Twirl Radio #779: Banjo Bones

After ten years at a National Public Radio station in Chicago, Mike Lidskin returned to California in 1997 and created Twirl Radio, a weekly two hour radio program which features the finest independent music and artists from the rock era. Mike’s on a mission to not “just spin rock music, but to educate listeners about this vital art form.” Indeed, he doesn’t just announce the songs, but gives histories about some of the artists, the albums, and the songs themselves.

You can catch Twirl live each Saturday afternoon, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM PST on Sacramento’s Voice, KUBU 96.5 FM, and archived right here, as well as at If you haven’t headed into your Saturday night with an earful of Twirl, you’re doing it wrong!

Artist | Track | Album
Plasticsoul | Therapy | Therapy
The Feelies | Stay The Course | In Between
Allyson Seconds | Sun Don’t Shine | Little World
Pacific Soul Ltd | Blue Summertime | The Dance Divine
Daniel Trigger | Remember When | Army Of One
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville
honeychain | Messy Love | Single release
Ruby Free | Start Of Something Big | Shades
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner | Stamps | Make It Be
Gretchen’s Wheel | Wish | Sad Scientist
Banjo Bones interview
Banjo Bones | Cowboy Dreams | Cowboy Dreams
Banjo Bones | Your Medicine Is Bad | Live version
Banjo Bones | Sin Again | Live version
The Welcome Matt | Come Alive | More Empire Days
Lannie Flowers | Give Me A Chance | New Songs Old Stories
Gail George | Fool’s Paradise | Follow Your Bliss!
The JAC (with Maria Sokratis) | Jackson | Drugs, Trucks & Jesus
Duncan Faure | Back To The Day | 4
Irene Peña | Not From Around Here | Single release
The Armoires | Fort Ashby | Incidental Light Show


Not too many bands have taglines. The following come to mind: The Beatles: “The Fab Four”, or The Clash: “The Only Band That Matters”. Today’s guests, Sacramento band Banjo Bones, have a tagline too: “The Dark Side Of Americana”. It’s a great description that tells you everything about their sound.

On today’s show, Pepe Espada of Banjo Bones returned to our Sacramento studios, and brought along Giorgi Khokhobashvili, the band’s violinist! They treated us to a dramatic live performance, and we also got to hear some tracks from their brand new album Cowboy Dreams.

The album is the finest in Banjo Bones’ catalog–so far. It’s simply sublime, and well thought out. For more info about the band, the album, and the upcoming CD release show at Sacramento’s Blue Lamp, check out


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