Twirl Radio #791: Eric Peter Schwartz

After ten years at a National Public Radio station in Chicago, Mike Lidskin returned to California in 1997 and created Twirl Radio, a weekly two hour radio program which features the finest independent music and artists from the rock era. Mike’s on a mission to not “just spin rock music, but to educate listeners about this vital art form.” Indeed, he doesn’t just announce the songs, but gives histories about some of the artists, the albums, and the songs themselves.

You can catch Twirl live each Saturday afternoon, from 4:00 to 6:00 PM PST on Sacramento’s Voice, KUBU 96.5 FM, and archived right here, as well as at If you haven’t headed into your Saturday night with an earful of Twirl, you’re doing it wrong!

Artist | Track | Album
Matt North | A Good Day In Nashville | Above Ground Fools
The Feelies | Turn Back Time | In Between
Maxi Dunn | Always Be My Friend | Welcome To Soonville
Natalie Cortez & The Ultraviolets | You Dear | Stupid Fresh Or Stupid Bad
Cirrone | Everything’s Fine Now | Kings For A Night
Karla Kane | Grasshopper Clock | King’s Daughters Home For Incurables
Edward Rogers | She’s The One | TV Generation
Eric Peter Schwartz interview
Eric Peter Schwartz | Regretville (live) | Live version
Eric Peter Schwartz | Last Ditch Man (live) | Live version
Eric Peter Schwartz | The Night Before Thanksgiving (live) | Live version
Lannie Flowers | My Street | Home Demos
The Welcome Matt | The Man In The Golden Tower | More Empire Days
Jody Porter | Waking Up (Is Hard To Do) | Pacifier
Gretchen’s Wheel | The Price | Sad Scientist
Saint Ashbury | Kauai | Dressing Babies
Sean O’Brien and His Dirty Hands | Sleeping With Me | Mistakes
Richard Turgeon | Bad Seed | In Between The Spaces
Duncan Faure | In The Right Place | Anthology
Sitcom Neighbor | Your Turn Next | Shag
Blake Babies | Your Way Or The Highway | Earwig demos
Plasticsoul | Therapy | Therapy
honeychain | Ready For The World To End | Crushed
Leonty | All Directions | Leonty
Richard X. Heyman | Everybody Get Wise | Incognito


Eric Peter Schwartz has become a regular on Twirl Radio over the past few years. This pretty much coincides with his prolific recording career–he’s had a late start, but has put out something near eight releases since 2013! His style is folky, rock and roll, and his lyrics are relatable. He sings from a personal point of view–lots of humor, both self-deprecating and otherwise, with a good dose of nostalgia and wisdom thrown in.

He’s done a lot of online Stageit and Facebook shows–so after attending one of these, I asked if he’d do a mini show for us on Twirl Radio–and so that’s what happened today on the air!

His next album, “Highway 45”, is slated for a September 1st release–which would mark the third recording he’s put out this year! More info at


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