PopOff! Bonus Beats: 10 Great Songs, 1 Great Song Title – Burning Up

I am at Burning Man for my first time and so in honor of founder Larry Harvey passing and me DJing here with the wonderful Camp Planet Earth. Here is a special Monday Bonus Beats with one thing in common. Enjoy!

PopOff! is an “anything goes” musical show hosted by me DJ Bear. Every episode is a unique sonic road trip through the multitudes of genres, eras, and musicians in recorded music. So if you have an open mind for musical exploration climb into the PopOff! Bubble and let’s get to it!!

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1. Kylie Minogue – Burning Up
2. Faith Evans & Missy Elliot – Burning Up
3. Burning Up
4. Carlton Hayes & Martha Bean – Burning Up
5. Ladytron – Burning Up
6. A Flock Of Sea Gulls – Burning Up
7. Madonna – Burning Up
8. Jamie Dee – Burning Up
9. Imagination – Burning Up
10. Micheal Jonzun – Burning Up
11. Shinee – Burning UP
12. Eagle Eye Cherry – Burning Up
13. Go Goo Dolls – Burning Up
14. Alpinestars – Burning Up
15. Bad Company – Burning Up
16. Tigers of Panzan – Burning Up
17. Judas Priest– Burning Up
18. Mama’s Boys – Burning Up
19. Jimmy Page and Robert Plant – Burning Up
20. Sunny Smith – Burning Up
21. Ciccone Youth – Burning Up

Madonna – Burning Up

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