PopOff! Bonus Beats: Guest DJ Skip, POWER POP PERFECTION

Hello poppies, we continue with our national pop chart day celebration throughout January and today’s bonus beats features a set of primo power pop curated by guest DJ Skip. Enjoy!

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Set List:

1. Ian Lloyd – She Broke Your Heart
2. David Werner – Can’t Imagine
3. Shoes – Too Late
4. Bram Tchaikovsky – Girl Of My Dreams
5. Dwight Twilley – Looking For The Magic
6. Phil Seymour – Precious To Me
7. Marshall Crenshaw – Someday, Someway
8. The Kings – The Beat Goes On/Switchin’ To Glide
9. The Nerves – Hanging On The Telephone
10. The Beat – Don’t Wait Up For Me

Ian Lloyd – She Broke Your Heart

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