PopOff! Bonus Beats Celebrate-a-State: The Sound Of Montana

Hello poppies, on today’s bonus beats it is an extended set of Montana music as I celebrate the state. Enjoy!

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1. Woody Herman Orchestra feat. Billie Rogers – Blue Flame
2. Chan Romero – Hippy Hippy Shake
3. Skoidats – Saturday Skins
4. Steel Pole Bathtub – Hey Bo Diddley
5. Silkworm – Nerves
6. The Decembrists – Billy Liar
7. Bikini Kill – Rebel Girl
8. The Gossip – Got All This Waitin’
9. Modest Mouse – Float On
10. Dana Carvey – Choppin’ Broccoli

11. Mission Mountain Wood Band – Mountain
12. George Winston – A Change Is Gonna Come
13. The Carpenters/Roger Nichols – Rain Days And Mondays
14. Johnny Fritz – Stadium Inn
15. Charley Pride – Night Games
16. Nicolette Larsen – Two Trains
17. Shakedown – Quiver
18. The Fertile Cresent – Onion Garden
19. Iron Maidens – Wasted Years Linda Mac Donald
20. Stranded By Choice – Groundhog
21. Aimme Allen – Revolution
22. Pearl Jam – Rats
23. The Lucky Valentines – Carry The Fire
24. Lil’ Smokies – Wheel On The Water
25. Luke Dowler – Going To Montana
26. Rob Qist – Lady Called Montana
27. Little Jane And The Pistol Whips – Montana Can’t You See
28. Wylie and the Wild West – Montana Love Song
29. Joseph Fire Crow – Xiamanica (Wolf Song)

Stranded By Choice – Groundhog
The Fertile Crescent – Onion Garden
Woody Herman Orchestra feat. Billie Rogers – Blue Flame

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