BANDING TOGETHER 2: Save the Stages

BANDING TOGETHER 2 is a virtual concert special designed to raise funds and awareness for music venues threatened by the Covid-19 pandemic and shutdown.

Hosted by the Soundwaves TV team of Chasta, Dennis Willis, Steven Kirk and Morris Knight, BANDING TOGETHER 2 features exclusive performances, special guest appearances, and interviews, with one modest goal:

Save the Stages before it’s too late.

Performers include Tom Johnston (from the Doobie Brothers), Lara Johnston, The Sam Chase with Jules Indelicato, State Line Empire, Chika Di, Floyd, Dress The Dead, Kingsborough, Morris Knight, Lola Kristine with Noah Sherman, King Dream, The Happys, Sona with Matt Leyes, The Devil In California, EllaHarp, Royal Rebels, Frantic Romantic, Drawing Heaven, Mickelson, Jared Harper, Andrew St. James and King Dream featuring Caitlin Gowdey from Rainbow Girls. Also featuring Baby Huey, Zakk, Gianna Franco, Rusty Chains, Shannon Koehler (The Stone Foxes) and Dayna Keyes.

BANDING TOGETHER 2 is powered by SOUNDWAVES, produced by RockFlix Media and presented by 1077 The Bone.

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